Button-down Modern

As the name gives away, this collar has buttons that keep the collar ends down. This modern variety of the button-down collar is lower and has a wider spread than the classic one. If you are looking for a classic collar that stays in place or has hidden ends when wearing it combined with a sweater or jacket, button-down is the best choice.


This collar has a long history and its roots in the English sport Polo. The players wanted to keep down the ends of the collar when riding on their horses during the matches. In 1896, the collar was adapted by The Brooks Brothers who began selling these shirts in their stores. Since the collar has its origin in the world of sports, it is considered the least formal collar and gives your shirt a sportier look.

To keep in mind when designing your shirt

Select buttons carefully since the buttons on a button-down collar will be seen, especially if you choose to wear a tie to your shirt. In that case the collar buttons will be the only thing that will be noticed so select them with care, and keep in mind that the collar buttons always should be buttoned.
Since the button-down collar is the least formal collar, it should not be used for festive occasions. Especially when a jacket is required, you should leave your button-down shirt in the closet.


    Collar height, back:3 cm

    Collar ends, front:5,8 cm

    Collar stays:None