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Welcome to the re-imagined, re-designed and re-invented contemporary flannel shirt. Iconically stylish, the all-new tailor made flannel shirt is a vital wardrobe must-have for any modern man. For a great look, and well dressed day off, your flannel shirt is the perfect choice.

Want to look great for that Autumn family brunch? A flannel shirt will keep you feeling warm, relaxed and right at home. For dress down days at the office, a single-colored flannel shirt is always a great style choice.

Find your style inspiration with our suggested flannel shirts below or, embrace your creativity, and create your own one-of-a-kind flannel shirt with our design tool.

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The Tailored Flannel Shirt Collection

Rustic, comfortable always versatile, Tailor Store proudly presents our authentic made-to-measure flannel shirt collection for men.
Embrace greatness: experience the hearty comfort of soft-brushed flannel cloth cut-and-sewn to your individual measurements. Comfortable, warming and loved by all, our tailored flannel shirts are available in a wide range colours and check patterns.
Make it yours: Personalize every detail of your tailored flannel shirt with our easy-to-use shirt designer.
Wear it your way: Buttoned or unbuttoned, sleeves up or down, any look is possible with a made-to-measure flannel shirt.

Authentic, Rugged and Spirited:
Tailor Store Flannel Shirts for men

First crafted in the 17th century for Welsh farmers, and later worn by rugged North American lumberjacks, the men’s flannel shirt is a beloved, comfortable and truly versatile wardrobe essential.

Depending on how they are worn, flannel shirts can project warmth, approachability and edginess. During the 1990’s the unbuttoned, sleeves rolled-up look became the unofficial uniform of the grunge movement. However the same flannel shirt can just as easily be worn tucked in and buttoned up at family get-togethers, barbecues or an uptown bar.

Easy to wear, even easier to care for, every man needs a flannel shirt in his wardrobe. Better yet, truly make it your own and order a personally customized, fully made-to-measure flannel shirt from Tailor Store.

Prefer short or long sleeves? Contrasting seams and buttons? With or without breast pockets? Check out our designer and craft your own made-to-measure flannel shirt today.

The made-to-measure flannel shirt

In a tailor-made flannel shirt you can relax and be yourself. A quality flannel shirt is soft, comfortable and a little warming, allowing you to fully enjoy everything the day has to offer.

The design of the flannel dress shirt

Typically, a flannel shirt is a little looser in fit. For tailor-made elegance, why not try a slim-fit flannel shirt? Always a casual favourite in autumn and winter, flannel shirts pair well with jeans and leather boots.

The flannel fabric, soft and warm

Flannel shirt fabrics usually consist of a thicker fabric that has been brushed.The brushed surface has a warming effect and makes the fabric soft and gentle. The fabrics are mostly woven in twill but you may find flannels of all types. Flannel fabric can be traced back to the 17th century when it was first woven in wool. During the 1990s, fluted flannel shirts were a must-have in the Grunge style.
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