This collar has many names: Mao collar, Nehru collar and mandarin collar. We have decided to call our variety Mao collar because it is most common under this name. Our version is similar to a mandarin collar, a collar that stands right up, lacks collar ends and is buttoned with one button only. The collar’s rounded tips give it an overall softer feel.


The collar is derived from a western interpretation of the clothes worn by the mandarins of imperial China, especially in the Qing Dynasty, as part of the traditional garments of Manchu. The collar has since been used in various versions on everything from military uniforms, to shirts and for chef uniforms.

To keep in mind when designing your shirt

Just like the button-down, this collar fits best for a more casual shirt and should preferably be worn with the top button unbuttoned.


    Collar height, back:3,8 cm

    Collar ends, front:-

    Collar stays:none